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Products and Services

Building Assure provides affordable products and services to enable small building owners, tenants, and service personnel to be more proactive to avoid unnecessary operating costs, assure a safe and healthy work environment, and reduce operational carbon. Our two primary services are myBuilding Alerts and rpmB. While similar these products are intended for different audiences.

myBuilding Alerts is a non-technical, low-cost platform designed to inform building owners, tenants, and service contractors of conditions within the building that require attention. Through the use of informative alerts and notifications building stakeholders are simultaneously notified of Health and Safety issues (e.g., in-building thermal comfort, air quality), Resource Efficiency (e.g. if electricity, water, or natural gas consumption is above expected levels), a message board for external weather alerts or in-building notices (e.g., fire-alarm testing), and finally a benefits tracker to display how well myBuilding Alerts is providing benefit (cost saving and other benefits). Building Assure PBC offers myBuilding Alerts as a subscription service at $1/day/tenant and $1/day/building. 

rpmB or Remote Performance Monitoring for Buildings is designed to provide analysis tools to look at building infrastructure such as HVAC to identify trends and conditions immediately and over time. By capturing data from loggers on equipment and within the building, rpmB can combine multiple data sets to look for correlating data to spot opportunities for proactive maintenance. For example, why is the air conditioning compressor constantly running when the external temperature and humidity suggest the compressor should be off?

Benefits Estimator, is a simple, free tool to see how myBuilding Alerts can benefit the small building owner.