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How small buildings become Smart buildings

1. By providing building owners with insights to enable;

Tenant attraction & retention

Energy Cost containment

asset maximization

2. By providing tenants with visibility into;

building health & comfort

Energy Cost containment

service status

3. With smart tools supplying;


service checks

decision tools


About Us.

Our mission is to be the catalyst for small building sustainability:
– assure healthy, safe buildings and educate building stakeholders
– lower controllable operating expenses and grow revenue
– decarbonize buildings and avoid wasting our planet’s limited resources
– offer services that are accessible, affordable, and valued by all communities

88% of existing US commercial buildings are small buildings
Small building owners can no longer afford to be reactive or indecisive
– Healthy and safe buildings are not optional
– Tenants are questioning the need/value for their building space
– Uncontrollable costs have increased
– Some controllable costs can be avoided (eg, energy waste)
– Unplanned/emergency repairs can be minimized
– Need help with repair vs replace decisions


Our Focus

To provide small building owners with an affordable service they can’t live without, accessible 24/7/365 from any device, from any location.

Health & Wellness

Is my building healthy?
Alerts for air quality, power failure, and more.

Thermal Comfort

Is my building comfortable?
Alerts for temperature and humidity out of range and more.

Service Check

Is service needed and was service performed sufficiently?
Alerts for HVAC equipment performance/failure.

Resource Efficiency

Am I wasting money and/or hurting the planet?
Alerts for excessive energy consumption, GHG emissions, and more.

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Our Team

We understand your needs and provide quality solutions.
Josef Mueller


Gordon Davidson



Lead Developer


Chief Revenue Officer



Why is there a need for BasicPro?


Small Buildings <10,000 sq ft
(88% of all commercial buildings)


Businesses in these buildings


Have Service Contracts supporting small buildings


Reduction in GHG emissions being mandated by NYC, Boston, DC, and more


Pricing Table

We understand your needs and provide the solutions to make better decisions.
Building Owner

$1 Per Day

Unlimited Users per Owner

24/7/365 Access

Access from any device

Secure Platform
Customizable Alerts

Fast & Reliable

Tenant Suite

$1 Per Day

Unlimited Users per Tenant

24/7/365 Access

Access from any device

Secure Platform

Customizable Alerts

Fast & Reliable

Service Contractor


Unlimited # of Buildings

24/7/365 Access

Access from any device

Secure Platform

Customizable Alerts

Fast & Reliable


Common Concerns

Owners, Tenants, and Contractors face rapidly changing expectations.

Why select us?

We are uniquely positioned to serve the small building sector.

BasicPro Solution

A platform for transparency amongst building owners, contractors, and tenants.
24/7/365 data collection, building alerts, reminders, notifications, and reporting.
Asset service history log, service integrity checks, and cost benefits value calculators.


Founders have over 50 years of technology and business experience focused on helping businesses optimize costs, enable informed decision-making, and be better corporate citizens.


Our hardware partners develop and manufacture industrial-grade sensors and data loggers to provide independent, reliable data.
Our service and installation partners are trained and certified on our solutions, plus all are licensed professionals.

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