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Building owners, tenants, and service contractors want many of the same things.

Cost Containment

How can I better manage controllable costs like utilities, equipment servicing, and infrastructure replacement?

Safe & Healthy Space

Is my building healthy and comfortable? Am I harming the planet?

Profitable Business

Am I doing everything possible to control costs and maximize profit?

Satisfied Customers,Tenants, & Partners

Do I have transparency with my customers and the people I rely on? Do they feel my business is of value to them?

Minimize Costly Surprises

Water leaks, HVAC failures, and insurance claims all cost time and money.

Use my Time Effectively

Am I spending time on the things that matter or am I jumping from issue to issue?

86% of commercial buildings in the USA are considered small buildings, yet affordable, non-technical solutions are not available, until now.

my Building Alerts is a SaaS platform designed for small building Owners to share with Tenants and Service Contractors.

✔️ Low cost (affordable for any building owner)

✔️ Used by all building stakeholders, anytime, anywhere

✔️ Guiding people, not controlling buildings

✔️ Benefits tracking

✔️ Service integrity checking

✔️ Cost benefits value calculator

✔️ Asset service history log

✔️ Designed for non-technical users