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About Us

Our Story

How can we help owners of smaller buildings?

COVID-19 illuminated small commercial building owners’ battle to attract and retain tenants, manage increasing utility costs, juggle ongoing maintenance, and obtain affordable funding for capital investments.

During the Covid closures owners could not access their buildings and experienced unplanned higher costs. Post-pandemic these concerns continue as costs continue to rise and tenants are redefining their space needs.

We started Building Assure to provide a low-cost, non-technical solution, that provides building owners with easy-to-use and easily understood alerts to take steps to reduce controllable costs, minimize unforeseen expenses and insurance claims, and extend the life of their capital assets such as HVAC systems.

By utilizing off-the-shelf IoT devices and our custom software application (my Building Alerts), we can deliver a low-cost solution that does not require additional people to manage, provides transparency to tenants, and assists service personnel to be more efficient and accountable.

Values drive us


to provide small building stakeholders with a collaborative, affordable, non-technical solution, to reduce expenses and work smarter while making their buildings better for people and the planet.


to be the services platform that small building stakeholders can’t live without

Core Values

Customer Centric – We put our customers at the center of everything we do.
Collaboration – We will work together to enable our customers to work together.
Aware and Adaptable – We pay attention to the world around us, and ourselves. We encourage innovation, creativity, and risk-taking.
Equitable and Inclusive – We build teams, cultivate leaders, and create a company that’s the right fit for every person inside of it.
Stewards – We invest in a better future; our people, our community, and our environment.

We are a Public Benefit Corporation

We create and manage software and services that allow building owners to manage resource efficiency, particularly reducing waste in energy usage.

This empowers building owners, tenants, and contractors to develop proactive habits and make better decisions for people, profit, planet, and purpose, with tools and information to benefit;

    • People – by assuring healthy and safe buildings and educating building stakeholders.
    • Profit – by lowering controllable operating expenses and growing revenue. 
    • Planet – by helping decarbonize buildings and avoiding wasting our planet’s limited resources. 
    • Purpose – by offering services that are accessible, affordable, and valued by all communities.


Our Leadership Team

Josef Mueller

CEO & Co-Founder

Gordon Davidson

COO/CTO & Co-Founder