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How to Offset the Increasing Cost of Everything

Building owners all recognize that costs have increased for everything – energy, consumables, contractors.  Sure, building owners can pass many of these costs on to tenants but are there proactive steps building owners, their tenants, and their contractors can take to offset some or all of these costs.

The answer is Yes. For example, there is considerable resource waste happening in our buildings, which some building owners are aware of but some that neither the building owner nor their tenants know is happening. Examples include:

  • Cooling or heating space during unoccupied time
  • Pre-cooling or pre-heating space too early before occupants are scheduled
  • Over-cooling or over-heating space

Why does this happen?  There are many reasons:

  • Most building systems don’t know if there are building occupants or not
  • Building systems need to be programmed for occupied vs unoccupied time
  • Building occupant schedules can change (e.g., holidays, vacations, unplanned events)
  • The HVAC system is working inefficiently due to a lack of preventive maintenance

Building owners, tenants, and their contractors do not always know this is happening.  If they did, they could take proactive steps that would result in offsetting all or some of the cost of everything.

Building Assure has designed and developed my Building Alerts with the small building owner in mind. Our low-cost solution provides all the necessary data to monitor energy consumption and waste, air quality, thermal comfort (temperature and humidity), water leak detection, equipment maintenance, service quality check (was the service conducted, and did it achieve the desired results), and much more. All while providing full transparency to your tenants and service contractors.

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