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remote performance management for Buildings

What is rpmB?

The ability to monitor key building conditions and their assets without physically being in the building.  RPMB has become more accessible due to the availability of low-cost commercial sensors and the ability to create internet connectivity in most locations, either using a client’s existing router or a cellular router solution.  

RPMB is supplemental and does not replace existing systems such as fire detection, fire suppression, theft protection, and video surveillance.  RPMB can use any data from existing systems; it collects data using low-cost sensors placed in buildings, tenant suites, and assets.  Data is then available for viewing.

Importance of rpmB

Why should I care about Remote Building Performance Monitoring?

  • Know what is happening with your building and assets without physically being inside the building
  • Measure your building systems’ current and historical performance data
  • Identify opportunities for performance improvements
  • Identify when systems are not performing as expected

Use Case Examples

Maintenance and Operations (M&O) – e.g. HVAC equipment short cycling or Supply fan or compressor stopping when it is supposed to be running.

Measurement and Verification (M&V) – e.g., Energy efficiency retrofit projects

Building and Occupant Health – Air Quality, Thermal Comfort, Water Leakage

Core Value Propositions

  • Improving the performance of service providers
  • Improving the customer experience
  • Increasing asset uptime and productivity
  • Improving sustainability
  • Improving compliance
  • Freeing up time
  • Avoiding unplanned costs

Long-term rpmB will yield increased trust and retention with your customers and show gradual improvement over time. This approach enables an ongoing relationship with repeat touchpoints and sales opportunities and provides a competitive advantage in your service area.

Available as a Stand-Alone offering or Bundled Offering

If you choose stand-alone rpmB positioning, try a blend of both: offer the benefits of temporary assessments, with the option of upgrading to long-term monitoring. Both sides win.

Bundling rpmB into a traditional service and maintenance agreement will elevate your relationship with your customers. The rpmB reporting functionality will serve as a ‘performance report’ every time you visit your customer.

Sample rpmB Reporting

Data can be reviewed in CSV format or graphed overlaying multiple data sets.

Use Case Example

COOLNOMIX M&V using GEMS and rpmB